Let the Journey Begin…

November 4, 2018…Café Teré signed the Lease!!

It took a little while and a whole lot of thinking since we saw the place back in August, but we finally signed the lease today!

In September, we were informed that Charlie’s ongoing Chronic Kidney Disease had finally developed into renal failure and that we should begin the process of finding a transplant hospital. We attended Northwestern’s transplant orientation, but the process is actually a long one, and by October Charlie had an emergency surgery to place a catheter and begin dialysis.

With all this going on, we weren’t sure that now was the right time to embark on such an adventure of opening a café. Actually, I wasn’t sure, Charlie was completely sure that we should continue on. So after much deliberation, we decided that we would move forward, work on the café whenever we can, and trudge through the whole transplant process, hoping we could either get the transplant done before we open or that people would understand if we had to close for a few weeks.

So, here we are with a signed lease and so many new things happening.

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