A Match…Sort of..

We haven’t done much work at the café, I did meet the inspector there and he was so helpful in sorting out all the things we need to do in order to get up and running and open for the public.

In the meantime, I spent the entire day of November 19th at Northwestern being poked and tested and examined physically and mentally to determine my eligibility to be Charlie’s living kidney donor. Turns out..I’m O+ which is a universal donor, however one of my kidneys is slightly smaller than the other..who knew? So, while I can‘t be his match, I can participate in a cross match donation, which means I would be giving my kidney to someone else in the same situation, and their donor would be giving theirs to Charlie. It’s amazing what can be done!

To be completely honest, as long as Charlie gets a kidney that works..that’s all I could ask for and I would do whatever I can to make that happen. He’s currently driving to Indiana for dialysis three days a week and then driving to work. The schedule is insane, but I know if we just hold on we can see a bright healthy life in the near future.

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