The Awning Created a Buzz

The awning went up today! Trust me when I say that I am excited with each little piece of progress we make, but what happened once that awning went up, blew me away!

Someone in the Brookfield community posted it on a community page, linking to my very sad Café Teré FaceBook page, and within hours I had over 100 people visiting my page. So I updated the page with new awning photo, and answered as many comments and questions that I could (I’m very new and not good at FaceBook) and then fell asleep.

By the time I woke up, over 300 people had visited the page. The supportive comments were overwhelming.

I know I’ve had doubts about doing all this, especially with all we have going on, but those comments renewed my faith in what we are doing.

Thank you to everyone supporting us, I really cannot express my gratitude enough.

May 2019

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