Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day!

We spent last week training for home peritoneal dialysis and I think we have got this down now. However, it did take up a chunk of time, which pushed us back on a few business side things for the cafe.

Charlie, the woodworking maniac that he is, intends to build the counter and all the table tops, but with all the medical things going on, he didn’t have a chance to get the wood until this weekend. With the help of our wonderful neighbor Julio, those two foraged and brought back what will hopefully soon be transformed into the Café Teré front counter!

Thank you to you both!

I spent the weekend taking a break from business type stuff to finally do some of the fun part…baking…and product development..and honestly..I just really wanted some comfort I had to make Kugelis.

If you don’t know what kugelis is, it is heaven. It’s a Lithuanian dish that I grew up on made of bacon, onions, and potatoes in a casserole fashion. My version is renal friendly as I leach the potatoes, removing much of that dreaded potassium.

Lithuanian Kugelis with sour cream
Chocolate Chip Biscotti Cookies

4 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Cant wait to visit your new place and try all your good food. Best wishes on your endeavor and thank you for bringing it to Brookfield!

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  2. Thanks Jane, for the wonderful enthusiasm. We can’t wait till the cafe open either.

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  3. My mom would make Kugelis and Bacon Buns all the time when I was young girl growing up in the 60’s…!! I cannot wait to enjoy all you will have to offer. So looking forward to making Café Teré my go to spot… 😋


    1. Hi Terri, I think Kugelis and Bacon Buns are pure HEAVEN!! My mom would make them mostly for special occasions, but they really are perfect anytime! We so look forward to meeting you!😊


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