A Thousand Little Pieces

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since July. The past couple of months have been a whirlwind of so many things.

We celebrated out 25th wedding anniversary, delivery after delivery has been sent to the cafe, and Charlie has been busy building countertops, and the unexpected coffee counter.

We had originally thought to put the espresso machine on top of refrigerated counters, making quick access to cream and milk, but that quickly changed once we found out that we needed a hole in the counter under the machine for drainage. Such is our learning curve, and since a refrigerator wouldn’t work, Charlie came to the rescue with, “I’ll just build another counter”. And so he did….

It’s almost done and should be at the cafe this week.

We also have all the equipment finally in place and just waiting for the finishing of the plumbing and electrical work, which also should be in place this week.

I feel like we are close, but not confident enough to settle on an exact date for the opening. There are so many little things that still need to be completed, and then of course inspections to pass. I long to open the boxes of dishes and utensils and begin to use them, but the equipment needs to be running, table tops will be built, and I need to scrub the construction dust away. I know it will be soon, and when I’m finally hanging the pretty curtains I got for the windows, I know it will be time to open our doors to the world.

Despite not being open for business yet, we are excited to cook soon! We have the honor of being part of the Brookfield Farmers Market Farm to Table Dinner, and I had the joy of practicing this weekend making Chicken Cacciatore and the Opera Cake.

It got great reviews from everyone who tried it, so I’m feeling darn good about it. Charlie, who will never hesitate to tell me where something can be improved, gave it his stamp of approval, and for me, that’s better than a Michelin star could ever be (though it’s good to still dream of that star).

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