Eric The Great

Yes, I know it’s really Eric The Red, the Great Viking Explorer, however, we met Eric the Great today.

I have been hunting for a coffee counter, not the counter that Charlie has been building to house the coffee machines, but a counter to put cream and sugar on, where customers can help themselves. I don’t know how many photos I’ve shown to Charlie, but there have been many, and many responses, such as, ” I think it’s too yellow, or it’s too rustic, or it’s too farm house looking, and I don’t think it’s tall enough.” All of those answers, until yesterday, when I showed him a photo of a refinished 1940s Jacobean buffet sideboard, and he smiled, and replied, with “Wow, that’s really nice!”

I was immediately on that! Finally, my search was over! I knew exactly where it was going in the cafe and after some text messages back and forth with the gentleman who refinished it, we were on to look at it today.

It’s beautiful, and it’s even more beautiful in person. So much so, that I think it needs to be in a more prominent area of the cafe than I had anticipated, so now, I’m rethinking some of the layout. Truly, I stood in the cafe today, and just stared at it for quite some time. It’s stunningly captivating, and I hope that all people that come to the cafe and see it, enjoy it as much as I do.

I’m sure Charlie and I aren’t the only ones who name inanimate objects. If there is something special to us, we believe it needs to be named. So, it’s slightly wacky, but here is Eric the Great…

Named after the wonderful gentleman, Eric, who refinished it. Trust me, if you are looking for quality, amazing work, please look him up. You can find him on Instagram at @hawthorne_design. He is amazing! He helped us load it into the truck and explained all the little details of the piece to us. Eric is friendly and customer service was outstanding!

Oh, and by the way, we were so happy with sideboard and then and fell right in love with the mirror next to it in the photo, and had to get that as well.

It’s always such a pleasure to meet a great artist who just shows his love for his work. are GREAT! Thank you for the amazing pieces!

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