The Lastest Update…

We have been busy with some final organizing and getting the last bits of equipment in that we couldn’t get done before our surgeries. We’ve been restricted for a while with the amount of weight we could lift and found ourselves tiring easily after a couple of trial cooking runs, so we are going slow, but I promise….we will get open.

I know our little cafe has been a long time coming and we truly appreciate your patience throughout this whole process.

In between all this, we recieved a call from the Today show, which we originally just thought was a scam or a joke of some sort. However, it turns out it was very real, and we were interviewed about our 8 person kidney swap. We did the all interviews via Zoom, first individually, and then again with our respective donor/recipient. I have to say, it was such a happy and emotional moment in our house.

Charlie getting ready for his Today show interview.

If you are interested in watching these wonderful moments, the Today show on NBC will be airing the piece on Wednesday, July 1st in the 3rd hour of the show.

Thank you all again for the love and support you have shown, not just for the cafe, but also for Charlie and I.

I promise…the cafe won’t be too much longer…

1 thought on “The Lastest Update…

  1. Can’t wait to be able to be a customer:)


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