Mark Your Calendar!!!

Last week we passed the Village inspection, and on last Friday we passed the health inspection! This was a happy, happy day for us! Just over two years ago we started this adventure, and though it’s been quite a ride, and we know there will be more crazy moments, we feel like we have leapt a giant hurdle.

We plan on starting slow, with a minimal menu. We don’t want to try and run before we learn to walk, and make a mess of everything we’ve worked so hard to accomplish. So, the plan is to open the doors, very gently, on October 30, 2020. Yes! That is an actual date! It also happens to be my amazing younger brother’s birthday!

As we prepare for that day, we want to be able to offer you something until then. So, if you are inclined, over the next couple of weeks we will be taking online orders for just a few bakery items to be picked up on Sunday mornings. Of course, it being October and all, its pumpkin and apple madness! If you do choose to order, when you come to pick up we will also be sampling our coffee for you. We think it’s amazing coffee from our friends at Maple Leaf Roasters and we hope you do as well.

Please click on the link below to order some delicious autumnal treats:

We look forward to seeing you all soon and bringing you amazing food!

So happy after the last inspection!

2 thoughts on “Mark Your Calendar!!!

  1. Congratulations!! Cannot wait to see all the goodies!! Good fortune for the time ahead!!


  2. Congrats!
    Teri and Charlie!


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