We Open Tomorrow!

It’s hard to believe it’s finally happening!

Please join us tomorrow for the ribbon cutting at 2:00pm!

When we began this whole process, our goal was to create a wonderful space where people could gather and talk and enjoy tasty and healthy food together. We wanted everyone to feel comfortable and at home. With the madness of the world, we unfortunately at this time, are unable to offer dine in service, but we aren’t giving up hope that it will end soon.

We do hope that you will stop in and see some of the items we have available to take home and savor. There are cookies, and pumpkin cheesecakes, opera cakes, croissants, and Charlie’s breads.

We will also be having daily special meals, one vegetarian and one with meat. These items are available to purchase online and can be picked up. We also have an option for a family meal for four.

This weekend’s choices are:

Friday: Vegetarian Moroccan Stew and Organic Chicken Breasts in a Parmesan Cream Sauce – both meals are served over rice and come with your choice of our homemade sides of Potato Salad, Coleslaw or Balsamic Roasted Veggies

Saturday: Veggie Frittata and Organic Honey Glazed Porkchops – these come with the same side choices.

Sunday – Soup and Sandwich Sunday – the soup is still yet to be determined, but sandwich choices are organic ham, or turkey (or both if you like) and for the veggie lovers, roasted vegetable sandwiches.

You can place the daily special meals orders here:


As we mentioned before, we are starting off slowly and our hours will be Friday through Sunday, 8:30am till 2:30pm.

Charlie and I are so grateful for all the support you have shown throughout this whole journey. We look forward to seeing you very, very soon!

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