About Us

This is us. Teri & Charlie Mortel. I’ve had the pleasure of being Charlie’s friend since I was a whopping twelve years old, and the even greater pleasure of being his wife of twenty-five years this coming August.

Charlie is the reason Café Teré exists. It started one afternoon about fifteen years ago when I had saved a little money, bought the cutest flowery bistro table and chair set, put it in our kitchen window, and served him as he likes to call it, “a pound the table good” lunch. He promptly named our little lunch set up, Café Teré and we continued to have many meals and snacks at that little table overlooking our backyard.

More and more, he kept saying that others need to eat my food. So, one day I announced I wanted to attend pastry school, The French Pastry School to be exact and he was as supportive as ever.

So, here we are now, an IT Systems administrator, photographer and avid woodworker (Charlie) with a twenty year CFO, Registered Yoga Instructor, Pastry Chef, and guitar student (Teri), embarking on a journey to bring the world healthy, tasty food with a touch of home to it.

Our goal is that we hope you feel like family when you eat at Café Teré, and we hope you you will join us on this journey and help create beautiful memories with us.

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