“No man is an island entire of itself” – John Donne

John Donne had it completely correct, we have an amazing support group and without each of you, and some that I’m sure we will miss, we wouldn’t be able to create such a wonderful place. This is an ongoing list, and with so much Love and Gratitude, we Thank You all….

To Chuck, my Love and partner in everything. Without your pushes, and guidance and keen sense of taste and packaging, non of this would be happening. I look forward to all the hijinks that are ahead of us together.

To Hope, the dog with the best personality, every day you make me smile and laugh. You truly have brought Hope to our world.

For our Families and Friends who give love and support in every way imaginable.

To my Mom, whose love taught me to be kind, loving, and compassionate, and that’s its completely okay to draw giant flowers on the wall.

For my Dad, who always believed in my crazy ideas, and gave me an unending love of perfect sandwiches, chips and most importantly…the pickle.

To M’Lord Barron, of Barron Development, for twenty years of being my guru and giving me an education that no school could ever have given me coupled with a friendship that I know will last forever.

To Chester Jakala, of Telquest Realty, for your friendship and guidance on our quest to find the perfect place.

To David, Anita and Eva of Dordek Rosenburg and Associates for all the laughter while navigating us through the legal world of this journey.

To Steve Swidler, of Swidler Spanola & Company, LLC, for the awesome chats of food, music and accounting.

To Mark Higginson, first and foremost for our amazing friendship, and for you and your crew at J.M. Quality Builders, for the most amazing transformation of our space.

To Pete Asick, of Prairie Grass Properties, you are an amazing landlord. The help you have provided has been truly remarkable.

To Tom and Gene of Trademark Electric, for the professional electric installations and the unbelievable wealth of knowledge you’ve shared.

To John Jones, coffee purveyor extraordinaire, every phone call with you has been a truly humorous occasion. Thank you for all the information, help and for teaching me that shuttles are more than just small buses that carry people places.

To Alley Kat’s Curiosity Shop for the perfect little buffet and table, and the beautiful shop you have which I could spend endless hours perusing.

To Mary Wilson of LoveJoy Decor for the absolutely adorable display table.

To Jeanette Miranda and their family, for the beautiful furniture pieces. We are truly honored to have your mother’s dining table and hope that many people will create beautiful memories around it.

To Charlie the Mover of Guyz-N-Supplies for traveling so far and the astounding ease and meticulous care in which you moved our precious Great Table and Cabinet.

To Dawn for the most beautiful platters, and for always keeping Charlie in check when I’m not around. You are an amazing woman!

To Bruce, of Sesame Inn, for guidance and friendship and the most amazing Veggie Pad See Ew and Fried Tofu.

To the amazing people in the Community of Brookfield, your excitement and support for our opening is beyond what we could have dreamed of. We look forward to being a long lasting part of the community.

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