Charlie’s Bread Basket

A natural leaven starter, nurtured in our home for the past three years, forms the base of our sourdough bread loaf. This is bread-making the Old World way, before the invention of commercial yeasts. The distinctive sour flavor comes from the long fermentation of the natural sugars in the dough. No artificial flavors here.

Natural leaven bread contains lower phytate levels, allowing your body to absorb the nutrients within the bread more easily. People who have trouble digesting breads made with commercial yeast, digest natural leaven breads much more easily. The prebiotic fibers, the probiotic beneficial bacteria, along with the lower levels of gluten, allow natural leaven breads to be more easily digested.

No preservatives. No artificial flavors. Just flour, water, salt, and a lot of love, go into our sourdough breads. We hope you stop by and enjoy some of this Old World tradition.

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