It’s Almost Leap Day!!

We have been busy…very, very busy! I believe the last you heard we had Charlie’s birthday party at the Café, but what I didn’t mention, is that the day before that, we received a call from the transplant team saying they found matches. Yes, matches!! We were told we would be part of an eight person donation swap, and so ensued many tests and meetings. While slightly apprehensive as these things tend to take time, we were happy and hopeful, but knew we still needed to get a few things done for the cafe to open.

Step one, find a coffee supplier we love. Introducing…Maple Leaf Roasters! Their coffee is fabulous and I’ve since switched all my coffee at home to theirs! They are a husband and wife team, and both Alex and Lynn are extensively knowledgeable about coffee. It’s really mind blowing! They are out in Roselle and I recommend stopping by their place if you are out that way, they are wonderful people and we look forward to working with them to bring you truly amazing coffee.

Since we have nailed down our supplier, step two was to finish up finding a coffee brewer. After tons of research, it turns out, there was a coffee maker just waiting for us to buy, at the other end of the building in which I work. If I only knew, it could have been that easy! So, at least we now have it, and it’s in place at the café. We just need to get it hooked up, making that step three, and that should be the last piece of this long puzzle, before we can finish up with our inspections.

In between all this we are always cooking, and practicing new things. However, there are some days because life is so busy, that the running joke in our house is, “why aren’t there any desserts to eat…doesn’t a pastry chef live here?” Well…Charlie to the rescue again…he made me dessert:

That’s Charlie’s sourdough bread with all natural peanut butter, and sprinkles, and a few baking chocolate chips. This is what the chef eats.

He does make beautiful bread!

This brings us to now, where tomorrow we are scheduled for the transplant pre-op meeting at the hospital. We have a surgery date scheduled in a few weeks and even though we knew this might happen, we are sad to announce that the opening of the cafe will be postponed for a few more months. We need to recover, and once we do, we promise to bring you all our very best!

But…before we disappear into surgery, there are a couple more cafe things happening. We have the pleasure of hosting the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce, “After Hours” event this Thursday. We are excited to be able to give something to all these wonderful people who have supported us from the very beginning and continue to support us every step of the way.

In honor of Leap Day, we will be having a small, casual, complimentary tea service, on Saturday, February 29th, at 3:00pm. This is a private event, and we just so happen to have a limited number of seats available. Charlie and I thought it would be fun to offer these seats to you, so that you could taste test and enjoy afternoon tea along with savory sandwiches, sweet pastries, and deliciously tender scones. We will be accepting reservations on a first come, first serve basis. There are 10 available seats and we ask that if you intend to bring someone with you, to please let us know so that we can account for 2 seats on your reservation.

Please email me at, if you would like to join us. We look forward to spending an afternoon with you!

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